Featured Book: House of Cards



House of Cards is the dark political thriller that inspired the hit Netflix series; it’s by Michael Dobbs, and it was added to our Kindles on May 1, 2015.  


“This blood and thunder tale, lifelike and thoroughly cynical, certainly carries the ring of authenticity….a great triumph.” – The Independent

“…a political thriller writer with a marvellous inside track knowledge of government.” – Daily Express

If you are a fan of the modern TV series than you should definitely pick up these books.”

“Michael Dobbs has an uncanny knack of forecasting the future. A fascinating read and a conclusion that would send a chill through Buckingham Palace.” – Sunday Express


Are you a fan of the Kevin Spacey series based on this book?  Don’t miss trying out the original British series.  Check Netflix — and ask at the library!  We may still have both series available!