Which Books are on Lake Oz’ Kindles?

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Welcome to the world of pre-loaded Kindles for loan!

Two things:

First, not all of our Kindles have all of the books we have purchased, as Amazon has limited how many Kindles can carry one purchased copy of a book.  AND there is a limit to the number of books one Kindle can hold!  However, each Kindle we loan WILL have several hundred titles already pre-loaded on it.

If you want to be sure particular title we’ve selected is loaded onto the Kindle you are borrowing from us, contact librarian Kiira Taylor at 503-697-6581 (or 503-534-4227) or ktaylor@ci.oswego.or.us.  We will make sure the Kindle you get has the title you want.

Second:  using the SEARCH box you see at the bottom of this screen, you can type in author names, or titles, or MYSTERY or whatever.   If  a certain author or title comes up in your search, that means we’ve purchased access to it for our Kindles!  Is that awesome, or what?

And, of course, you can see the full list of the ebooks we’ve purchased for our Kindles by clicking on the links at the top of this page.  We have so many that we’ve divided the list into several parts.