Lake Oz Library and e-readers





We have purchased several models of Kindle readers, and we’ve loaded them with hundreds of books.  They may be borrowed for 4 weeks, with no renewal option.  To place a request to borrow a Kindle e-reader from the library, talk to a librarian at 503-697-6581 or 503-675-2540.


How do you choose which books are added to your Kindles?

We add mostly selected bestsellers and books requested by library patrons.  If you have a suggestion for us, please send an email to

Can I add my own book via Amazon or Library2Go to the library’s Kindles?

Yes, but there is no guarantee we will keep the book on the Kindle once it is returned to the library.

When you add a book to the library’s Kindle account, do all of the books show up on each Kindle automatically?

No.  Each Kindle needs to be re-registered to the library’s account for new books to be added to the device, and this is done when the Kindle is returned to the library.  This is why, though we may say here on the blog that an item has been added to the Kindle, that book is not showing up on the Kindle you have checked out.

Also, Amazon limits how many Kindles may carry a copy of an ebook that has been purchased with one account.  This means that some of our Kindles may come pre-loaded with a particular title, but that title will not necessarily appear on all of our Kindles.

What if I am checking out one of Lake Oz’s Kindle in order to read a particular title, and that title isn’t on the Kindle I check out?

If you want to read one of the titles we’ve selected for our Kindles, and you want to be sure that the Kindle you are borrowing has a particular title on it, let us know.  We can make sure it’s there for you:  contact librarian Kiira Taylor at 503-697-6581 or 503-534-4227.  Or email her at

Do I have to pay for a replacement e-reader if I lose or damage the Kindle?


Can I return the Lake Oz Kindle to another LINCC library, or in one of your book drops?

No;  since Kindles are on the breakable and expensive side, we appreciate your returning the Kindle directly to a worker at the checkout desk as you enter the library.

Are you thinking about purchasing an e-reader, or wondering why we chose the Kindle?  Here is an article from The Wirecutter, with their evaluation of available e-readers.


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